Healthcare & Diagnostic
We help you seamlessly integrate dietary assessment and nutrition behavior change into your practice using a clinically validated, drop-in, frictionless tool

  • Healthcare Clinics

  • Disease Management (Diabetes, HeartDisease, etc.)

  • Weight Management/ Bariatric Clinics

  • EMRs

  • Research

  • Insurance Companies


Fitness & Wellness
We help your members reach their wellness goals by demystifying diet change with our drop-in assessment, goal setting, and behavior change platform

  • Corporate wellness

  • Fitness companies

  • Wearables

  • Wellness coaching companies


Retail & CPGl
Seamlessly gather insights on your customers’ dietary patterns and goals to provide a personalized shopping experience and help them reach dietary success

  • Meal kits

  • Grocery chains

  • Vitamins and Supplements companies

  • CPG