Digital Health

Letter from Dr. David Katz, Founder and CEO

Welcome! We are Diet ID, and our mission is to help individuals around the world add years to life, life to years, and help save the planet in the process.

Diet ID is a cutting-edge digital solution that revolutionizes the way people assess and improve their diet. It is the first and only dietary assessment method that does not require tedious calorie counting, logging and tracking, or remembering what, when, and how much you ate. Diet ID embraces the theory of pattern recognition in its unique, quick, and accurate image-based pattern-matching system. Behind our beautiful food images is a science-based, densely populated map of dietary patterns. These are completely analyzed for nutrition content and scored for nutrition quality. Using the best available science, technology, and innovation, we empower people to make faster, smarter, sustainable, and healthier diet choices.

Our team of culinarians, dietitians, developers, product experts, and panel of independent, multidisciplinary nutrition experts and I have brainstormed and developed this exciting new product that is designed to significantly decrease the preponderance of diet related disease.

Getting to a better diet is a journey. Like a GPS, you need to know where you are (Diet ID), where you want to go (Diet Ideal), and the best way to get there (Navigation). We’re with you on every turn, and will keep up if you want to go quickly, or stand by you if you prefer taking it slow. We even help re-route you if you get stuck, hit traffic, or change your mind.

Over the past few months, the Diet ID team has been working to develop, test, and refine the product so that it’s ready for market. We are proud to announce the acquisition of Foodstand, an innovative online platform for health- and nutrition-related behavior change. The merged assets of DietID and Foodstand allow for the introduction of a whole new behavior change concept: Behavioral Navigation. Whereas behavior 'modification' suggests things aren't right and need to be fixed, behavioral navigation says: we can help you get exactly where you would like to go.

Stay tuned for exciting customer deployments and improved product features. We welcome your questions and feedback.

 -Dr. David Katz